EQUIPMENTIndustrial Contaminant Solutions — Web, Sheet and Process Roll Cleaners

Polymag® Tek makes state-of-the-art web cleaners, sheet cleaners and process roll cleaners for the coating, laminating, printing and converting industries—each inline and online solution is custom designed to remove dirt, contamination, slitting dust and converting debris from manufacturing processes.

All Polymag® Tek Equipment is Manufactured in the USA and Made from Only the Highest Quality Components to Ensure Effectiveness, Durability and Customer Satisfaction. We Design, Manufacture, Service and Support our Products.

With installations worldwide, Polymag® Tek can specify a custom solution across town or across the globe. Our engineering team is well versed and can help solve the most complex contamination issue.


Industry Talk

We serve more than just customers in commercial printing, packaging, paper and print finishing industries. Customers from, pharmaceutical, aviation, automotive, electronics, film to other related industries look to us to remove dirt, contamination, dust and debris from manufacturing processes as well as neutralize ions.

With more than 30 years of experience, Polymag® Tek solutions can solve the most challenging contamination issue.

Solving a Complex Contamination Issue on a Substrate

An industry-leading manufacturer was struggling with a contamination issue between critical layers of laminated materials of a substrate used in electronics that was causing defects leading to material performance issues.


Addressing a Contamination and Static Charge Issue

An Atlanta-based company needed a solution to cleaning a substrate prior to rewinding on vertical rewind table. Since the substrate material was prone to static buildup, debris and contamination would cling to the surface of the material.


Eliminating Dust and Dirt Particles During Lamination

A manufacturer of optically cleaner overlay films that protect glass, mirrors and metals from graffiti, vandalism and damage needed to address a problem with dust and dirt present on the film during lamination—an issue that was causing visual defects in the finished product.


Washing Away Recycled Paperboard Problems

A company working with high volumes of recycled paperboard had a significant contamination issue, leading to print defects and frequent downtime for cleaning.


SOLUTION SUCCESS STORIESCompanies from wide range of industries trust Polymag® Tek for help in addressing issues with dust, dirt and contamination in manufacturing processes. We can help you too!

These web cleaners are absolutely fantastic!

They mounted on exactly as designed and were the missing link we needed to produce contamination-free material.

Mike Schuch, President - Graffiti Shield

Instant savings for my company

I wish I would have known about this years ago.

Jeff Delaney, Plant Manager - LTI Atlanta

Everyone is pleasantly surprised

No one thought there was a system that could keep up with the contamination that is created by 100% CRB and URB Board Stock.
I would be crazy if he recommended anything else, especially when we have seen the success on the Gallus press.

John, Project Manager - Printing Company

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