Pete Byam, President and General Manager

With a diverse background in technical sales, manufacturing operations and management, Pete brings 32 years of experience in various roles in the converting industry where he has served as an operations manager, plant manager, project manager and new business development manager.

A strategic planner at heart with an operations focus, Pete focuses his efforts on supporting the development of innovative, long-term, value-based results for client. His strengths include change management, Lean manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM), project management, Activity-Based Costing (ABC), MRPII, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), process flow mapping and in-process control systems.

Over the years, he’s played a lead role in helping the company and its clients revamp their product strategy and increase revenue, champion multi-million-dollar ERP initiatives, devise and manage business reorganization strategies as part of a turnaround, and drive the implementation of TQM and Lean manufacturing in controlling costs.

Joe Rodibaugh, Technical Sales Manager

A graduate of U.S. Military Academy at West Point with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering, he brings eight years of U.S. Army experience that include deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Technical Sales Manager, Joe brings a diverse background in engineering and management. This is coupled with five years in logistics, operations and procurement with Klein Steel and three years in microelectronics as a program manager. With PolymagTek for the last six years, his job is client engagement—specifying and supporting manufacturing solutions.

His wealth of knowledge of skilled manufacturing and production process improvement is what make Joe well suited. He has played a lead role in solving vexing problems for manufacturers facing contamination issues in the production process. Well regarded for his project leadership and technical competence across a wide swath of industries, he works effectively as the frontline with clients large and small. His unique ability is his knowledge, experience and skills in discerning the critical issue and understanding the problem—pairing his engineering background with manufacturing savvy to provide a realistic, cost-effective solution.

Jennifer Sweet, Business Manager and Treasurer

With 19 years at PolymagTek in operations, Jennifer has been the front line with clients on matters large and small. In short, she runs the business end of the business. She manages order flow, human resources, finance, insurance, compliance, procurement, logistics and risk management. In between, she assists with quoting on projects, ordering supplies and materials, and processes orders for consumables.

Customers know her by name and she is our in-house master at problem solving—often resolving issues without escalating the matter. In a nutshell, Jennifer is the go-to person on orders, supplies, materials, shipments and troubleshooting. Her unique ability is that she understands enough about the technology, products and applications to be a resource on almost any issue. And she does what she does so well with smile in her voice!

Brandon Sweet, Head Electrician

With the company since 1996, Brandon points with pride to having done every job in the house from sweeping the floors to mechanical assembly and full installs. Today, as Head Electrician, he plays a lead role product and solution development, R&D, manufacturing and testing. In fact, he goes on all major installs. He knows machine building and controls like the back of his hand.

From humble beginnings in mechanical and electrical design and assembly to taking over major control panel assembly, Brandon’s job has truly grown with the company. Today, he runs point on electrical control box assembly—personally handling all troubleshooting and debugging. Ask him what his most unique assignment has been and he’ll tell you it’s programming for older equipment. His expertise is invaluable to us as he’s seen the evolution of the products and the industry.

Randy Engelmann, Head Fabricator

A Class A tool and die maker by trade and training with a degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, Randy has been with the company since 2003. Initially, his job was to evolve the company’s machine shop work—taking a function that was originally outsourced in house.

As Head Fabricator, he applies his expansive knowledge of manufacturing and machining to fabricating many of the essential parts the go into the machines the company builds for clients. He is our in-house expert on machine tooling, parts fabrication and CNC machining. Randy points with pride to the quality of machines and components that go into every application—pointing out that when the Polymag Tek names goes on the side of the machine the customer can be assured the product was built with quality, robust components designed to stand the test of time.

Daniel Sweet, Logistics Coordinator

Dan oversees the shipping of machines worldwide for the company. A key player on the final stage of production—the crating, strapping, wrapping, shipping and delivery across the country or across the globe—he handles the details that ensure a satisfactory customer experience. In short, his Dan makes sure each machine arrives in one piece at the customer’s location.

With Polymag Tek since 2006, he is also a key player in the packaging and shipping of consumables used by customers. He handles duties and tariffs associated with international shipments. One of the most challenging parts of his job is finding the best, fastest, most secure and most economical way to get the product from point A to point B. His liaison with customers at this final touchpoint is what makes for a successful engagement.

Ron Sweet, Jr., Production Manager and Vice President

As VP, Ron oversees all production and manufacturing of equipment, including ordering materials, managing the company’s supply of consumables needed by customers, and ensuring that manufacturing stays on plan. With the company for nearly three decades, he points with pride to having started as a Maintenance Technician helping fabricate machines—many of which are still in service today!

Each solution or application begins with a concept design. After design approval, he makes sure the right mechanical and electrical components are sourced and secured prior to assembly. Next, he oversees the controls design, including circuitry, plumbing, electrical, PLC and pneumatics for each custom solution. Once all that is complete, he manages in-house software development.

In describing how it all comes together, Ron points out that it’s truly a family affair and cooperative effort—an approach that has served customers well since 1990.

Brian Giardino, Mechanical Engineer

Brian is the design expertise behind the practical application of Polymag Tek’s technology. He collects the specs and requirements for each unique customer application, develops the drawings for fabricated parts, purchases specific mechanical parts and designs each solution. In a nutshell, he is responsible for the design of customized machines based on the company’s proven web, sheet and process roll cleaning technology.

He is quick to explain that each project requires a unique solution with different parameters and design requirements. The trick is how Polymag Tek integrates its proprietary technology into each customer’s unique manufacturing operation. With the company since 2008, he is truly the front man on engineering design.

He handles specifications and requirements, site inspection, machine design and final drawings. Additionally, he works closely with our in-house software development expert to make sure everything meets or exceed customer expectations.

Don Agnello, Electrical Engineer

Don provides the electrical engineering design and control systems expertise essential to the customer’s application. He works closely with mechanical engineering to precisely define the control components required for each project. Then, he designs the individual electrical panels and writes the software that powers each machine.

His job is to make sure the machines and its components, including motors, sensors, control hardware, customer interface and the programmable logic controllers all work together to run the machine. With Polymag Tek since 2013, he brings a background in fuel cell technology and considerable experience in testing motors.

Once a machine is complete, he is one of two people involved in the installation and commissioning of each application where he travels on-site. In fact, he has gone as far as China in support of a new machine. He also diagnoses or troubleshoots controls or electrical issues when customers experience difficulties.

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