Adhesive Tape Rolls

Sheeted Adhesive Tape Rolls are the most effective on the market.

Clean cut sheets with no paper fibers or hanging chads make this product ideal for clean room applications. Pre-cut at set intervals, these rolls reduce waste from operators manually cutting off excess tape.

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Water Wash Web Cleaner Consumables

Sponge Cartridges, Scrubbing Sponge Cartridges and Clean Cloths keep Water Wash Web Cleaners running effectively.

Each item is specifically designed for use in our water wash systems to increase contamination removal while keeping the contact cleaning roll free of adverse buildup and glazing.

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Process Roll Cleaner Consumables

Cellulose-­polyester blend, non­‐woven fabric cleaning fabric is similar to a cleanroom wipe.

The fabric extends across the process roll cleaner touch roll and onto a wind-up spindle. The fabric, backed by the touch roll, contacts and traverses the process roll. The contamination on the surface of the process roll is transferred to the cleaning fabric during each cleaning step. After each step, the fabric incrementally advances to expose a clean wiping surface.

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Contact Cleaning Roll Services (Polish, Recover)

Contact Cleaning Rolls efficiently clean substrates through continual contact, breaking through the boundary layer of air to capture loose particulate, dirt and debris.

The high surface energy of the material attracts and holds contaminants until they can be transferred to an adhesive tape roll for permanent elimination.

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Contact Cleaning Roll Care Kit CK-CCR

Periodically cleaning the surface of the Contact Cleaning Roll is an important part of preventative maintenance.

This process extends the life span of the roll and reduces the cost to the customer. The CCR Care Kit is included with each machine order and can be replenished when needed.

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Polymag® Tek Wipes PTW-D10

Alcohol- and water-saturated cleaning wipes for routine maintenance and cleaning of Contact Cleaning Rolls.

Lint-free, non-woven fabric with integrated scrubbing dots add texture and cleaning power to the wipes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how dirty the substrate is, line run time, number of shifts, etc, but most customers will peel a layer of tape off the roll every 4-8 hours. Each roll of tape has 65 sheets. On average a roll of tape will last between 15-20 days

This depends on the face length of your roll, the amount of touches and the amount of cloth advance. Parameters can be changed in the HMI for cloth conservation. On average a roll will last 18-25 days.

Polymag ® Tek manufactures our own adhesive tape rolls in Rochester, NY. We start with 60” wide rolls and cut to size based on our customers requirements. For widths between 61” and 120” we can butt two rolls together or use offset and overlapping rolls to ensure cleaning for the full width of the line. For widths above 120” we offer a traversing tape head that traverses across the cleaning roll, picking up contamination.

Our contact cleaning rolls are designed to last 5 years or more. We recommend polishing the surface of the roller every 12-14 months to renew the cleaning properties. Even if the surface of the roller becomes uneven or has knicks and cuts in it, the roll can still be stripped and recovered.

Our tape is cut thru completely every revolution. The seams are offset to avoid unraveling. Perforating can lead to additional debris or contamination.

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