Contact Cleaning Roll Care Kit CK-CCR

Periodically cleaning the surface of the Contact Cleaning Roll is an important part of preventative maintenance.

This process extends the life span of the roll and reduces the cost to the customer. The CCR Care Kit is included with each machine order and can be replenished when needed.

To reorder CK-CCR, call 1-800-787-0830 or email

Each CK-CCR includes the following:
2ea-Scrubbing Sponges [To remove buildup on rolls]
2ea- PTW-D10 Wipe Packets [To wipe CCRs clean]
2ea- 1.5” wide sheeted tape rolls [To test cleanliness of cleaned CCR]
4ea- Nitrile Gloves [For handling PTW-D10 70/30 Alcohol wipes]
1ea- CCR Care sheet [Instructions for how to maintain CCRs]

Polymag® Tek recommends the following preventative maintenance plan:
Daily: Inspect and wipe down the CCRs with PTW-D10 Wipes
Weekly: Inspect CCRs for shiny spots, gouges, buildup, etc and use PTW-D10 and/or scrubbing sponge to remove buildup
Monthly: Inspect CCR surface to determine if regrind/polish is needed. Polymag® Tek recommends Polish every 12-18 months

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