Water Wash Web Cleaner Consumables

Sponge Cartridges, Scrubbing Sponge Cartridges and Clean Cloths keep Water Wash Web Cleaners running effectively.

Each item is specifically designed for use in our water wash systems to increase contamination removal while keeping the contact cleaning roll free of adverse buildup and glazing.

Polymag® Tek Sponge Cartridge (PTS‐4C)

  • The sponge cartridge absorbs moisture from the water delivery system and delivers water to the cleaning cloth, creating a moist surface for wiping the contact cleaning rolls during the roll wash phase of operation.
  • Sponges are available in the standard 4” cartridge size.
  • Sponges are sold in QTY of 6 units.

Polymag® Tek Scrubbing Sponge Cartridge (PTSS‐4)

  • The scrubbing sponge cartridge is for use during the “Roll Scrub” phase. The high pressure wash button contacts the coarse center portion of the sponge cartridge to create a “scrubbing” feature to remove built up contamination and glazing from the Contact Cleaning Roll (CCR).
  • Scrubbing sponges are are available in the standard 4” cartridge size.
  • Scrubbing sponges are sold in QTY of 6 units.

Polymag® Tek Cleaning Cloth (PTC-66M‐5B)

  • Polymag® Tek Cleaning Cloth is a cellulose-­polyester blend, non‐woven fabric, similar to a cleanroom wipe. The cloth is extended across the sponge cartridge and onto a wind up spindle. The cloth, backed by the damp sponge, contacts and traverses the CCR. The contamination on the surface of the CCR is transferred to the cleaning cloth during each cleaning pass. After each pass, the cloth incrementally advances to expose a clean wiping surface.
  • Cleaning Cloth rolls are available in the standard 5” Face Length x 4.75” OD (approx. 100 R)
  • Cleaning Cloth rolls are sold in QTY of 25 rolls.

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