Contamination Control

Static Clean WebVac

This WebVac Web Cleaning System from Static Clean is a continuous-duty cleaning system designed to provide contact or non-contact cleaning of narrow and wide webs in a variety of critical applications.

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Vacuum PV Particle Trap

Perfect for cleanroom applications, the Particle Vac (PV) is a moderate to heavy use dust collection system. Designed with a filter bag for easy and clean disposal of debris. The high sealed suction design allows for unmatched, consistent power while remaining extremely quiet. The ideal solution for capturing all types of debris except abrasive materials.

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Particle Trap 6000

The Particle Trap 6000 (PT6000) and the Particle Trap Mini (PTM) are source capture systems that solves a major problem when blowing off particles in controlled or clean room environments. With the PT6000 or PTM, you can clean your medical device, optics, packaging materials with confidence while maintaining the integrity of your clean room.

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Medical Cleaning Station

The Static Clean Medical Cleaning Station(MCS) is an excellent contamination control tool designed to improve yields by reducing rework. The standard workbench is 5 feet in length. The flush mounted stainless steel webvac hoods, incorporates shockless static bars, stainless steel air tubes, which remove dirt particles from parts/ packaging surfaces, and conveys them to a filtered dust collector.

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HepaClean 2500/3000

The HepaClean Chamber is a stainless steel closed loop parts cleaning system that employs three proven cleaning tools-static neutralization, high velocity compressed air and advanced HEPA filtration-in a single, compact unit occupying minimal bench space. It is most commonly used in Medical Packaging applications and wherever there is a requirement for scrupulously clean parts.

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Flex Laminar Flow Station

Affordable - Portable - Flexible

  • Class 100 working environment
  • HEPA Fan Filter Unit (99.99% of .3 micron efficiency)
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Easy to install and easy to operate
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