The Extender™ Self Oscillating Tape Roll

This self-contained oscillating tape roll traverses 1.5” (38mm) across the face of the Contact Cleaning Role (CCR), thereby eliminating the line-of-travel saturation caused by slit-edge contamination.

Line of travel saturation creates an increased amount of contamination buildup on specific areas of the tape leading premature tape changeout, while other areas of the tape are still highly functional. The tape oscillation feature helps to spread the contaminants out, thus extending the life of the adhesive tape by up to 1200% regarding slit edge contamination. Available only through Polymag® Tek and on Polymag® Tek Open Frame models.


  • Easy to retrofit in Polymag® Tek Open-Frame models:
    – 2RNWC-SS
    – 2RNWC-CT
    – 2RNWC-CT-3II
    – 2RNWC-CT-3IIA
    – 2RNWC-IIA
    – 2RNWC-3II
    – 2RNWC-3IIA
    – 3RNWC-II
    – 3RNWC-3IIA
    – 4RNWC-II
    – 4RNWC-IIA
    – 4RNWCV-II
    – 4RNWCV-IIA

Process Parameters

  • 3" I.D. tape rolls
  • Available on 8" face lengths and greater
  • Web speeds on 3" I.D. by 30" face length tape rolls up to 800 fpm
  • Please consult with Polymag® Tek on maximum web speeds for face lengths greater than 30"


  • 1.5"overall side to side oscillation
  • Availablefor3"I.D. adhesive tape rolls
  • Adaptable to all Polymag®Tek open-frame models
  • Eliminates the “line of travel” slit-edge contamination
  • Extends tape life by up to 1200% with regard to slit edge contamination
  • Quick tape roll change system

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