FastTack Edge Pinner

Static Clean offers DC Charging Applicators in both Standard and Arc Resistant Designs, which are lower current models. Arcing from electrostatic equipment can cause Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI), spikes or discharges to machine frames and discomfort to operators. While all of the Static Clean Applicators can be used in most applications, they can also be applied to Application Specific Installations, including Chill Roll Tacking, Edge Pinning and Card Deck Static. In less sensitive areas, a Charging Applicator without a resistor is more appropriate.


  • Arc Resistant for operator and equipment safety
  • Choice of mounting brackets and installation options
  • Designed and tested as an integral component of StaticClean's electrostatic charging systems
  • Fast Tack and Talon use high temperature rated Teflon
  • Connector compatible with other manufacturer's charging power supplies

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