Process Roll Cleaner - Light

An online dry wipe of a process roller in confined spaces where the head engages a soft durometer touch roll, covered with a cleaning fabric, against a driven process roll.

The surface contamination on the roll is transferred to the cleaning fabric. At the end of each programmed cleaning sequence, a motor advances the fabric to expose a clean wiping area. A traversing rail is used to move the 5” wide PRC head for continuous cleaning of the roller.


  • Dry, on‐line cleaning of condensate, precipitate or oligomer build-up on chill, casting and chrome rolls.
  • Space constrained processes

Process Parameters

  • Process roll surface temperatures up to 400oF (204oC)
  • Equipment exposure ambient temperature up to 212oF (100oC) with high heat option package.


  • Provides on‐line cleaning capability
  • Programmable cleaning sequence
  • Adjustable pneumatic touch cleaning force
  • Efficient utilization of fabric with adjustable fabric advance
  • Easy fabric change out
  • Fabric out detection
  • Traversing cleaning head to handle wide process rollers


  • Custom Mounting designs
  • Higher-heat application packages upon request
  • Multiple cleaning fabric material choices

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