DC-ESR-C Corona Discharge Ionizer

The DC-ESR-C is an ionizing bar that uses the corona discharge method to generate air ions. Air containing positive and negative ions effectively neutralizes static charges on an object. With its low dust-emission design, this device is suitable for controlling static on workstations and inside of laminar flow hoods. Since a small DC power supply is incorporated inside the bar, the device does not use a high-voltage cable.The safety design uses low-voltage wiring, unlike competitive products that require an external power supply and cables.


  • The DC corona discharge ion emission ensures high ion density & excellent ion balance
  • Designed to ionize a local area without disrupting laminar air flow
  • Single tungsten emitter points (optional crystal silicon emitter tip available upon request)
  • Ideal in 12-30” distance applications with laminar air flow
  • Low dust emission
  • Available in lengths: (600mm, 800, 1000, 1118mm, 1200, 1400, 1626, 1800mm)
  • Ion balance adjustment function provided (small screwdriver required)
  • Green LED power button to show bar is “on” and in working condition
  • Connectors provided at both ends of the bar to enable multiple devices to be daisy chained in series
  • AC adapter required and sold separately:
    -AD-02 adapter: powers up to 2 ESR-C bars
    -AD-06 adapter: powers up to 6 ESR-C bars

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