Eliminostat CABX Air Bar Ionizer


1) Long-term stability of static elimination capabilities
2) Decrease in emitter needle abrasions
3) Ultra low ozone
4) Superior ion balance
5) Minimum flow type nozzle
6) Cleaning timer
7) Emitter needle variations

The ELIMINOSTAT CABX is ideal for electronic devices where delicate static elimination is required. Since large amounts of positive and negative ions are supplied constantly to the area requiring static elimination, there is a small difference in static elimination from one area to the next. The new CABX features two nozzle types: (a) High speed performance air nozzle and (b) Low air consumption nozzle for your application needs.

The CABX features HDC-AC technology which provides long-term stability in static elimination without the need for cleaning over the long term.

  • Simplified low-flow type emitter needle nozzle for air consumption. Two types of emitter needle nozzles are available: the standard nozzle for air consumption and a low flow type nozzle for compressed air consumption. Nozzles can be easily replaced.
  • Cleaning timer function that indicates the cleaning time. An LED will light up when the timer had been set in advance and will indicate the cleaning time. The client can set the time when the light will appear. (9 patterns, 100-1000 hours and option not to set the light.)
  • Emitter needle variations (scheduled to be released soon) We provide needles that collect less dust, glass emitter needles and silicon emitter needles to respond to static elimination in environments in which little dirt is permitted.
  • Maintaining safety Safety is maintained during use through the detection of minute electrical discharges and the low-voltage wiring input of the DC24V.

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