1 Sided Web Cleaner Cantilever with Pneumatics

Simple and robust, the 2RNWC-CT-3IIA cantilevered web cleaning system with pneumatics incorporates proven Polymag® Tek technology at a cost effective price.

The 2RNWC-CT-3IIA is a single-side (top-side) web cleaner that cantilever mounts to your back wall side-frame or dead-shaft idler roll. The Polymag® Tek Blue-S™ Contact Cleaning Roll (CCR) creates a gravity nip along a horizontal web plane with your idler roll, removing contaminants from the web surface. A 3" I.D. adhesive tape roll then continually cleans the CCR. The gravity cleaning nip is controlled by a pneumat- ics package that engages or disengages the rolls when the process starts or stops. The system takes only minutes to install, but saves hours in potential lost productivity, by increasing quality, reducing downtime and decreasing waste.


  • “Stop & Go” processes
  • All substrates

Process Parameters

  • Maximum speed 800 fpm (245 mpm)
  • Web widths up to 29" (740 mm)
  • No tape change “on the fly“


  • 1-sided gravity nip – open frame system – up to 96.9% efficiency*
  • 3.0" (76 mm) O.D. contact cleaning roll
  • Cantilevered design for press with back plate only
  • Shafted tape mounting style
  • Top tape change access
  • “Quick release” tape roll end cap
  • Simple supported clamps on existing roller
  • Plated or coated steel construction
  • Can be safely installed in a solvent environment
  • Altered designs available


  • Active static elimination
  • ExtenderTM tape roll oscillator

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