Nip-to-Roll Water Wash Web Cleaning

This web cleaner captures loose contamination on the web and then transfers it to the CCR.

The CCR lightly contacts the moving web against the nip roll. The contaminated CCR is cleaned by the auto water wash cleaning head. After the drying cycle, the clean CCR is placed back in service while the other CCR is retracting for auto cleaning. The web is continually cleaned. Operator involvement is every 3-5 days.


  • All substrates, including recycled board stocks; high speed and all web tensions

Process Parameters

  • Maximum speed 2,500 fpm ( 762 mpm)
  • Minimum width 20" (510 mm)
    – Maximum 80" (2,030 mm)
  • Continuous cleaning operation
  • The consumable (cleaning cloth) can be replaced without interrupting cleaning


  • One- or two-sided nipped web cleaning
  • Two Contact Cleaning Rolls (CCR) per side
  • Water wash CCR cleaning
  • Adjustable high pressure CCR wash
  • Minimum operator involvement
  • Low cost consumables
  • Altered designs available
  • Operator interface included
  • Oscillation for effective slit edge cleaning
  • Guarding
  • Static elimination


  • Infeed and exit idle rolls
  • Custom length and speed designs upon request

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