Nip-to-Nip Traversing Wash Web Cleaner with Oscillation

This web cleaner cleans both sides of a substrate utilizing a contact cleaning roll nip in the vertical span of the web.

Two pairs of Contact Cleaning Rolls (CCR) alternate between a nip mode and a retracted wash mode. During the wash mode, the CCR are cleaned by a robotic cleaning head that traverses across the face of the CCR, wiping and collecting the contamination with a wet cleaning fabric. The CCR are then spun dry before alternating back to the nip mode.


  • All substrates, including recycled paperboard; high speed and all web tensions

Process Parameters

  • Maximum speed 2500fpm (762 mpm)
  • Minimum width 20” (510 mm)
  • Maximum Width 80” (2030 mm)
  • Continuous cleaning opera>on
  • Consumable cleaning fabric can be replaced without interrupting cleaning


  • Two sided, nipped web cleaning
  • Water wash CCR cleaning
  • Adjustable high pressure CCR wash
  • Oscillation for effective slit edge cleaning
  • Minimal operator involvement
  • Low cost consumables
  • Altered designs available
  • Operator interface included
  • Guarding & Static Elimination


  • Infeed and exit idle rolls
  • Custom length and speed designs upon request

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