2-Sided Web Cleaner with Roll Separation Pneumatics

The "workhorse" of the contact web cleaning world. Two-sided contact cleaning technology at a fraction of the cost. Simple, maintenance-free, industrial design with large Contact Cleaning Rolls (CCRs). Gravity nip. Maximum web tension loss equals 0.04 pli. Adaptable. Mount at various web angles up to 45 ̊. Pneumatics package sepa-rate or engage rolls on stop/start. For “Stop & Go” applications.


  • 2-sided cleaning
  • “Stop & Go” processes
  • Single-nip – up to 96.9% efficiency*

Process Parameters

  • Maximum speed 800 fpm(245 mpm)
  • Web widths up to 59" (1500 mm)
  • No tape change on the fly
  • Horizontal web orientation to 45 ̊ incline (4RNWC-IIA)
  • Vertical web orientation (4RNWCV-IIA)


  • 2-sided, gravity, single-nip, open frame design
  • 3.0" (76 mm) o.d. Contact Cleaning Rolls (CCRS)
  • Pneumatic cylinders to separate rolls when machine stops
  • Shafted tape mounting style
  • “Quick Release” tape roll end cap
  • Swiveling stainless steel tape baffle
  • Static elimination for a solvent environment
  • Nickel-plated, steel construction
  • Baseplate mount
  • Altered designs available


  • In-feed and/or exit idle rolls
  • ExtenderTM tape roll oscillation
  • In-feed static elimination bar
  • Cantilevered baseplate mount designs available

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