Two-Sided, Single-Nip or Double-Nip Web Cleaner

Two-sided, contact web cleaning for continual run, stop-and-go or limited-access applications, including slitters, coaters, die-cutters, laminators, presses, embossers or more.

Sturdy, 12-gauge stainless steel and anodized aluminum constructed “clamshell” design for easy Contract Cleaning Roll (CCR) maintenance and web thread-up. The drawer slides promote on-the-fly tape change capability. An LED window provides easy CCR and tape roll visibility and flashing operator alarms signal tape change.


  • 2-sided cleaning, single-nip or double-nip
  • Single-nip–upto 96.9%efficiency*
  • Double-nip–upto 99.9%efficiency*

Process Parameters

  • Maximum speed 800fpm (245mpm)
  • Web widths up to 39"(1000mm)
  • Horizontal web direction


  • 2-sidedpneumaticsingle-nip or double-nip clamshell design
  • 2.25"(57mm)o.d. Contact Cleaning Rolls(CCRs)
  • Pneumatic cylinders to separate tape rolls when machine stops
  • Spring gudgeon tape/drawer slide
  • Side tape change access
  • “On-The-Fly”tape change capability
  • Static elimination both in-feed and exit sides
  • LED window lighting
  • Flashing tape change alarm
  • Coated aluminum construction
  • Backplate or baseplate mount
  • Altered designs available


  • In-feed and/or exit idle rolls

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