Two-Sided, Nip-to-Roll Convertible Web Cleaner with Dual-Offset Tape

This cleaner is generally recommended for use with thin-to-thicker substrates that require varying web tensions and utilize varying web surface speeds. The web cleaner contains two (2) 7.0" O.D. Polymag® Tek Blue-­S™ Contact Cleaning Rolls (CCR), two (2) 6" O.D. convertible, aluminum nip rollers and two dual-­tape drawer slide assemblies. As the web transports through the cleaner, a CCR provides lay-­on contact with each web surface, via an S-wrap or a nip-to-roll method of contact cleaning, thereby eliminating the loose contamination present on both surfaces. Each CCR surface is continually cleaned, on its full length, via a pair of overlapping 3" I.D. core, pre-­cut, sheeted, adhesive tape rolls, mounted in a full-­length drawer slide. Each respective drawer slide mount houses a pair of adhesive tape rolls (for a total of four tape rolls in use at one time) and provides end-of-the-machine access for easy expended tape roll changeout and maintenance. The adhesive tape rolls overlap to provide seamless cleaning of the CCR. Ideal for substrates 0.0002"-0.020" thick.


  • 2 sided web cleaning
  • High speed thin film web cleaning

Process Parameters

  • Maximum speed 1800 fpm
  • Minimum width 30”, Maximum 120”
  • Continuous cleaning operation
  • Consumable Adhesive Tape can be replaced without interrupting cleaning


  • ‘Nip‐to-Roll’ or ‘S‐Wrap’ convertible design
  • Step‐Traversing Tape
  • Quick release tape mounting system
  • On‐the‐fly tape changes
  • Operator Interface included
  • Good for any web orientation
  • Altered designs available


  • In‐feed active static elimination
  • In‐feed idle rolls
  • Oscillation for effective slit edge cleaning
  • Stainless Steel enclosure/guarding
  • Speed Matched Tape Roll

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