ANZ-SC3 Pencil Type Ionizer

The Piezonizer ANZ-SC3 is a pencil-type air ionizer that can help remove static electricity on a material or object in a tight, compact area. Considered the ideal choice to clean parts and assemblies in the Electronics,Medical Device and Semiconductor Markets. It’s commonly used in applications such as cell phone manufacturing, PCB assembly, watch making, and cleaning optics/wafers.The ANZ-SC3 has excellent Ion Balance and fast static decay rates that makes it a great device for most applications that require point ionization at the source.


  • Slim shape makes it easy for holding, and long time operation of the unit
  • Compact and lightweight at only 3.3 ounces
  • High frequency Corona discharging allows for better performance and ion balance
  • Air supply button at top of ionizer for operator control
  • Small built-in power supply helps to use in any application that demands less space
  • Low EMI generation
  • Buzzer alarm when high voltage in abnormal condition
  • Emitter needle can easily be removed or replaced
  • ANZ-SC3 Controller with:
    - System On/Off Switch
    - Needle Valve to adjust pressure/flow to ANZ-SC3
    - Tri-Mode Function: Constant, High Frequency (10Hz) or Low Frequency (5Hz) Pulsed Flow

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