Winstat BF-X2ZB Bench-top Ionizer

The Winstat model BF-X2ZB Benchtop ionizer is a small profile, lightweight unit that removes static in a wide range of applications especially in the Electronics and Medical Device Manufacturing Process. The BF-X2ZB blower can be placed on a workbench, or it can also be used as a process tool and mounted above a conveyor line, or in a tight production area to effectively remove static charges wherever ESD material-handling problems occur.

Main Features

  • HY alarm function available for abnormal conditions
  • Single-touch operation to remove louver screen and discharging needles for easy maintenance
  • Airflow Fan Controller - To turn up the airflow of the blower, you need to use a small Phillips screwdriver. This design is used to increase the longevity of the fan, avoiding the option of the operators to turn the speed controller continuously, which could result in damage.
  • Low Speed (57CFM) High Speed (II6CFM)
  • Coverage area is Ift to 5ft away from the target
  • RoHS Compliant

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