BF-X4MB 2-Fan Ionizing Blower

The Winstat BF-X4MB Wide Coverage Air Ionizer’s light-weight design makes this blower the ideal choice for ionization at the workbench, or directly above the work surface. The blower will help remove static in a wide range of applications especially in the Electronics and Medical Device Manufacturing Industry. With its excellent ion balance and fast decay rates, the BF-X4MB Ionizer is the perfect tool to use when process concerns should arise due to static problems.


  • Single-touch operation to remove louver screen and discharging needles for easy maintenance
  • HDC-AC Technology - ensures long-term stability performance
  • Excellent Ion Balance
  • Wide Coverage area (16” wide)
  • Low Speed (50CFM) High Speed (113CFM) x 2 fans
  • HV Alarm function available for abnormal conditions
  • Coverage area is 1ft to 5ft away from the target
  • Safety lock function shutting blower off when the front cover is remove

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