ZappAura Air Nozzle Ionizer

The ZappAURA is a versatile High-Frequency Ionizer designed for use with CDA (clean, dry compressed air) or Nitrogen.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly reliable Body Air Fitting highly resistant to ozone
  • Maintains safety Newly-designed transformer stops high voltage output when the emitter needle is being cleaned or changed
  • Better ozone resistant nozzles Wide range of nozzles and tubes
  • Easy maintenance The emitter needle can be easily removed and replaced through the back of the ionizer body
  • High voltage stop alarm An alarm warning and two no voltage relays (normal open and normal close) indicate when there is a high voltage stoppage
  • Cleaning check [C.C.]An LED and a normal open no voltage relay warn of abnormal discharges from the emitter needle
  • Compact body is ideal for tight spaces where other ionizers won’t fit
  • Inputs & outputs for integration into automated systems
  • A variety of Nozzles, easily changed-out for versatility as an end-of-line ionizer, also available for use with Nitrogen
  • A variety of fittings, flexible tubes or rigid tubes, easily changed-out for versatility as an in-line ionizer, also available for use with Nitrogen
  • Balanced Ionization for sensitive ESD applications

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